July 2013


The Summit is over and we thank those that were able to attend. We also thank our Partners for their incredible support for the summit and our other activities. For those that did not attend, you missed a great event with some interesting speakers and sessions. The feedback has been positive and we look forward to taking that feedback and making next year's even better. For those that missed the announcement, our next Summit will be in Richmond, at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport from June 8-11, 2014.


EDABC is now moving on to other exciting initiatives all designed to provide more value to our members. One of the most exciting is the development of a new website. Our new website will be more user friendly in an effort to make your exclusive membership privileges easier to use. It will also have new features designed to create more efficiencies in service delivery. Stay tuned for the launch of our new site in the late fall of 2013.


We have all seen the devastating floods that have impacted Alberta and Southeastern BC, and now Ontario. EDABC was one of the first to reach out and offer support, and our members have been coming forward to be part of that assistance. EDABC believes that as a Province, we need a focused economic recovery process for communities impacted by disasters. Over the past few years, communities like Lillooet, Sicamous, Chetwynd, Sparwood, Enderby and others have all had various disasters that have negatively impacted their economies going forward. How do these communities help businesses get back on their feet? How do they now market themselves so the world knows they are open for investment and for tourism? 


EDABC is best suited to lead the process, and we will be pursuing funding opportunities to develop tools and resources to help communities recover. We will without a doubt need help from members, partners, and others to move this forward and we hope that you provide assistance. We are the first organization to develop a Professional Development and Communities in Distress Fund - but, unfortunately, that fund is not sufficient to cover the costs needed to provide the support. 


We wish you all a great summer. 




Dale Wheeldon

President and CEO

Economic Development Association of British Columbia 


October 6-9 this year 1,500 economic development professionals from around the world will assemble in Philadelphia, PA for the year's biggest and most comprehensive economic development event: the Annual Conference of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).  Click here to find out more 

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Invest Kootenay is a regional economic development initiative. Its goals are to attract, retain and expand investment throughout the Kootenay region through lifestyle advantages. Invest Kootenay has adopted a "tourist to investor" approach to attracting investment. They promote the unique lifestyle opportunities of the region to visiting tourists. They also strengthen networks and protocols within communities to ensure that interested investors can quickly access the information they need.


Through the CONNECT database on the Invest Kootenay website (www.investkootenay.com), potential investors can search available opportunities, local business owners can list their business, and people can read success stories and learn about member communities.


The overall goal of the KRCP is to increase the number of physicians employed in the Kamloops area. Alleviating the community's shortage of physicians increases the quality of life in Kamloops, which assists our community's overall ability to attract and retain businesses ultimately contributing to the sustainability and economic growth of Kamloops.


KRCP services are available to medical students completing their residency at Royal Inland Hospital, newly relocated physicians and visiting physicians who are looking to check out Kamloops, coming for an interview or are filling a locum position. The KRCP ensures that participating physicians are educated about, and experience, many of the great features and attributes of Kamloops. For physicians who have just relocated, the program helps to ensure their quick integration into the community.

The Economic Development Association of British Columbia is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with SpaceList, to promote commercial real estate in British Columbia's economic development regions.

 In the spring of 2013, the Province of British Columbia launched an updated trade and investment website at britishcolumbia.ca, which included the B.C. Communities app, a site selection tool that provides investors with a searchable database of information to assist in matching investment projects with British Columbia communities.   Click here to find out more. 


The challenges presented by a difficult economy and competitive retail environment can be overwhelming to economic developers charged with the critical goal of expanding their community's tax base.  Read this interesting article (A Community Guide to Understanding the Retailers Site Selection Process) by Shawn Massey published in Expansion Solutions Magazine.  


In 2005, the Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC (AtBC) completed the development of its Aboriginal Cultural Tourism Blueprint Strategy (Blueprint Strategy). With the support of the Government of Canada and Province of British Columbia, it began implementing the Blueprint Strategy in 2006. It focused on strengthening and growing the Aboriginal cultural tourism industry in BC through three thematic tiers of activity that focused on: 1) Building awareness of cultural tourism opportunities; 2) Supporting product development through skills training, partnerships, and market readiness initiatives; and 3) Promoting products through a range of targeted marketing and communications programs.


This report provides insights into Aboriginal tourism's performance between 2006 and 2012, and describes those AtBC strategic initiatives that have been especially influential in supporting this emergent sector's development. It also provides perspectives on prospects for Aboriginal tourism growth as expressed by current operators, travel trade representatives and broader tourism industry partners.  Click here to download your copy.


Whistler Golf


Chambers of commerce and economic development groups have managed "ambassador" programs for the past fifty years. The aim is to arm local executives with a community's key selling points and then encourage them to "talk up the home town" in their business and personal travels. The approach makes terrific sense. "Dialogue with industry peers" has consistently ranked as the most important source of information influencing an executive's perceptions of an area's business climate.      Members click here to download.


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