July 2014 - The Pulse

British Columbia Economic Development Association
We hope you are enjoying a restful summer, and are taking advantage of the summer weather.  We are very excited to welcome you back to the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel in November for the annual Western Economic Development Course.  If you haven't joined us for the course yet, we hope you consider attending this year's informative sessions and valuable networking opportunities.  

The BCEDA team

2014 Western Economic Development Course
November 2 - 5
Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel

Join over 50 economic development professionals from Western Canada at the premier program offering concentrated focus in the basic concepts, methods and strategies of local economic development. Whether you're new to economic development or not, this course will provide you with fresh tools and ideas you will be able to implement in your community. This is the best educational and networking opportunity around!

How to Help Your Small Businesses, Virtually 
At Ann Arbor SPARK, the economic development organization for the Ann Arbor, Mich., region, we do a lot to establish our area as a desired place for business expansion and location. Primarily, we focus on growing businesses in a range of high-tech fields. But these firms don't make up the majority of businesses in our region, and until recently, we had very few tools in our toolbox to serve entrepreneurs and small businesses that fell outside of our target industries.

From the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training

I am pleased to advise you that the 2013/14 Annual Regulatory Reform Report is now available on the Regulatory Reform BC website


The Annual Report presents an overview of the Government of B.C.'s progress in regulatory reform over the past year and identifies key initiatives that are planned, which will benefit citizens and businesses and improve B.C.'s economy. 


Since 2001, we've made great strides in reducing red tape; achieving a reduction in requirements by over 42 per cent.


This year, I'm pleased to report that we made even more progress in reducing regulatory burden on citizens and businesses by making improvements and implementing a new single-window access point for quick and efficient address changes across multiple government programs; shortening the application and approval time for securing licensed child care spaces. We've also improved services for non-profits by reducing the paper work burden associated with submitting funding applications through the B.C. Arts Council and implemented a new 2-page Request for Proposal, making it easier for small businesses to apply and compete for government work.


More information about these and other red tape reduction projects can be found throughout the Report. 


Moving forward, we will continue our efforts to advance a modernized regulatory environment by continuing to maintain the count of regulatory requirements; continuing our work on new policy development; and working across government and with our key stakeholders to pursue additional streamlining, continuous improvement opportunities and best practices to ensure B.C. maintains its reputation as a leader in regulatory reform, while driving greater economic growth and job creation in the Province.


More information can be found in the news release posted on the B.C. Government newsroom.


Jackie Hunter

Executive Director

Regulatory Reform and Small Business Branches

Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training 

20 clues to rural community survival: An annotated list 

This list, from the Heartland Center, isn't new, but its points are pretty much timeless and worth a reminder from time to time. According to the center, "the list of vital characteristics provides an 'ideal' benchmark against which people can measure their own community. It moves people naturally from theory, to strategy, to action."

Monthly Partner Profile

The Northern Gateway Project is the largest private investment of capital in the history of British Columbia. The project will create a lasting legacy of local investment, tax revenue, and jobs for the North, over and above the tremendous benefits created by access to new and growing markets for Canadian natural resources.  Visit Northern Gateway online here

We would like to thank all of our partners for their generous support. For a full list, visit www.bceda.ca.