District of Squamish Launches Squamish Business Walks as part of the BC Business Counts Program

As part of the BC Business Counts Program and the District of Squamish’s ongoing Business Retention & Expansion Program, the Economic Development Department is launching a business walks initiative in Downtown Squamish focusing on more than 146 businesses that fall within the Downtown Squamish Business Improvement Association (DSBIA) catchment area.  The BC Business Counts Program, and BC Business Walks are an initiative of the British Columbia Economic Development Association.  

From July to October, 2014,  staff from the Economic Development Department will meet one-on-one with each business owner to discuss the health of their business and what can be done to help their business thrive in Squamish.

The goal of this initiative is to build stronger relationships with local business owners and provide the District with a better understanding of issues relating to retaining and expanding business, specifically in Downtown Squamish. This initiative also supports Council’s Downtown Transformation Initiative that aims to “ensure that Downtown Squamish becomes a vibrant and healthy core of the community for commerce, culture, and creativity”.

Information collected during the walks will help inform the Economic Development Department of new opportunities for business growth, as well as provide valuable insight in the development of Squamish’s Economic Development Strategy (due for completion in 2015). Additional business walks are scheduled to take place targeting businesses in other industrial and commercial areas in 2015 and 2016.

Businesses wanting to share their thoughts with the District of Squamish Economic Development Department can participate by completing a Business Walks Survey online.

For more information is available by downloading the  Squamish Business Counts brochure.

As a program partner, we are hoping that you are able to share this message via your communication channels.  If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

For more information contact:

Natalie Scopaz | Economic Development Coordinator

District of Squamish | Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada

604.815.4963 | nscopaz@squamish.ca | www.businesssquamish.com



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BCEDA congratulates and commends Squamish on this initiative.  Efforts to support and work with existing businesses are a major part of successful economic development programs.

Business walks stimulate a sense of collective promotional partnership among individual businesses. They bring a team ethic to main street. That's intangible, but it shows up on the bottom line. Well done.