EDABC Presents President's Award to John Furlong


The Economic Development Association of BC presentsVancouver Olympic  Games leader John Furlong with award recognizing outstanding economic development achievement


LANGLEY, BC  •  JUNE 6, 2011 — John Furlong, CEO, of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, attended the 2011 Economic Development Association of BC (EDABC) Conference at the Coast Hotel and Convention Centre in Langley on Monday, June 6, 2011, to accept the EDABC's President Award, in recognition for his outstanding leadership and contribution to economic development in the province of BC.


"I am honoured to receive this award," says John Furlong.  "I was fortunate to be a leader of a project that had such an enormous capacity to make an impact. But I didn’t do it alone. I also need to acknowledge our team of 55,000 people who all made heroic contributions to bring us this success.”


"As leader of the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, John Furlong brought more economic development to the province than any individual community could have ever done," says EDABC President Kevin Poole. "His contributions have gone far beyond just hosting a successful sporting event. As leader of this once in a lifetime event, John Furlong was able to put a spotlight on British Columbia, attracting world-wide attention and countless economic development opportunities."


Media coverage of the event included exposure on hundreds of TV stations and websites world-wide, gaining 3.8 billion television viewers around the globe and 275 million hits to www.vancouver2010.com. "This type of marketing simply cannot be bought," adds Poole.


Already, the games have positively impacted economic growth in many communities across the province. Recent research demonstrates that the event brought the province about 45,500 jobs, $2.3 billion in Real Domestic Product and $463 million in tourism spending … and still counting (2003 - 2010).1   With revenues already exceeding costs by nearly $1 billion, the 2010 Olympics has helped keep BC's economy strong and thriving in spite of a global economic downturn.


The ongoing, long-term benefit for the province and for each of our communities is immeasurable.  Many of the province's communities have been able to leverage the attention we received from the Olympics into greater economic development, such as increased tourism, more business investment, and increased exports of local products. "Already many of our BC communities have seen successes as a direct result of the games," adds Poole.


"We would also like to acknowledge John Furlong for going beyond his mandate of hosting the games and making a proactive effort to include our rural BC communities," adds Poole.  Hundreds of BC communities got involved in the event, from hosting the Torch Relay to providing home training grounds for thousands of athletes from around the world.


With a clear vision, a team-oriented approach and unparalleled passion, Mr. Furlong was able to engage and inspire every stakeholder, team member and community to participate fully in making this event an enormous success. In fact, the event was so successful that IOC president, Jacques Rogge indicated that "the way Vancouver embraced these Games was extraordinary. This is really something unique and has given a great atmosphere for these Games."  Thanks to the visionary leadership of John Furlong, the 2010 Olympic Games were "one of the most successful Winter Games ever," concludes the IOC.


"Mr. Furlong truly embodies what it takes to become a successful economic development leader," claims EDABC President Kevin Poole.  "He recognizes that you can't do it alone.  You need to engage and inspire your team, stakeholders, and community members to help you reach for success. And you can't set your goals too low, or you will never achieve excellence."


John Furlong accepts the EDABC President’s award saying, "The most important thing I’ve learned from leading the Olympic Games is that the leader of any enterprise must start with a compelling vision that engages each person’s desire to work on something that truly matters … something that unites the team. Leadership is not statistical … formula-driven.  It starts with a shared set of core values that leaves egos at the door and embraces creativity, courage and determination. It is the leader who is prepared to demonstrate integrity, humility and passion that will surely achieve success.”







The Economic Development Association of British Columbia (EDABC) is the primary professional association of economic development practitioners in the province of BC.  EDABC currently has over 190 members from communities throughout the province. EDABC provides services that help member communities grow and expand new and existing businesses, attract new business investments, and work towards strategic infrastructure investment, land use planning, and community enhancement.


EDABC services include an annual conference and networking event, educational and professional development opportunities, advisory services and resources, and public relations and marketing in partnership with member communities and the Province of BC. One of EDABC’s marketing initiatives is the annual publication and distribution of the Invest in British Columbia magazine. Visit: www.EDABC.com



John Furlong, CEO of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, is a visionary leader. He has been described as a Sports Hero, Nation Builder and the Ultimate Crisis Manager.  Now after the games, he has received recognition as Canadian of the Year, Marketer of the Year, Sport Executive of the Year, The Globe & Mails Nation builder of 2010, one of the top 25 most transformational Canadians alive, and recently has been awarded ‘The Officer of the Order of Canada’ and ‘Member of The Order of BC’ for his exceptional leadership of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  Around the Rings Magazine has listed Furlong as one of the world’s top five most influential Olympic Officials. John Furlong now receives the EDABC President's Award for outstanding contributions to economic development for the province of BC.  John Furlong is now an author and highly acclaimed speaker. His book, “Patriot Hearts – Inside the Olympics that Changed a Country,” become an instant national bestseller when it was launched in the spring of 2011. Visit: www.JohnFurlong.ca


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1.  PRICE WATERHOUSE COOPERS: THE GAMES EFFECT (2010): www.fin.gov.bc.ca/reports/pwc-olympic-report6.pdf