Cluster Targeting: A Method for Educating and Engaging Stakeholder Volunteers - Part 2

The relationship between business leaders and economic developers reminds me of the George Bernard Shaw quote regarding the British and the Americans: "Two peoples separated by a common language." For economic developers interested in offering board leadership a meaningful voice in economic development planning, a good place to begin is the very language we use to communicate. That includes not just our terms of art, but the very models we use to simplify reality.


With that goal in mind, the economic development planning model explained in the article is based on the same strategic models that corporate executives use in their own business planning, or are at least familiar with from academic training. The model is not scientific, but instead appeals to strategic intuitions by treating each community as a single firm and each job-creating cluster as a product line. Once fully explained, organizational stakeholders are provided with structured choices for ranking clusters in terms of priority, resource deployment and pursuit of tactical goals.


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