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Please note: The group block at the Delta Grand Okanagan is now full. Reservations may be made on a case by case basis by calling the Delta at 1-250-763-4500.

Other accommodations in Kelowna include the Coast Capri Hotel & Prestige Beach House


The BCEDA BC Economic Summit takes you out of the office and gives you the space to imagine, create and discuss key issues facing economic developers, local Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal leaders, community planners, and more, with some of the most creative and strategic minds in the industry. 


In a competitive climate where the most dynamic communities succeed, in can be hard to keep accelerating, but it’s necessary in order to keep your local economy strong and vibrant to ensure that you have a quality of life for all.  Whether it is by supporting new entrepreneurs and start-ups, implementing social enterprises, working with the resources sector to create new opportunities, or by engaging our youth and local citizens, communities are starting to understand that accelerating your local economic development program is not only possible, but it is necessary.  Accelerating a local economy cannot be done in isolation and every level of government, whether it is federal, provincial, regional, local, or Indigenous, must work together to ensure that everyone is part of the acceleration.  Every sized community faces the challenge of having an accelerated economy and in developing programs that keep your economic development goals front and center.   The 2018 BC Economic Summit will look at what is being done in BC and globally to accelerate local economies.    


Immediately following the Summit, from June 13th to 14th, BCEDA will host IEDC's Managing Economic Development Organizations. Bundle both events to save!



Doug Griffiths, 13 Ways

Doug uses a straight-shooting, no-punches-pulled approach to show how attitude is the biggest factor – and roadblock – to building a successful community. Using his vast experience talking with municipal and community leaders from across North America, Doug uses a mix of frightening examples and humorous stories to help you find answers to questions that have hindered your community as it tries to reach its full potential.



Laith Wardi, Executive Pulse

Artificial Intelligence, The Internet of Things, Robotics, Drones, Automation, Virtual Reality, Autonomous Vehicles, E-Commerce and Additive Manufacturing are—individually and collectively—reshaping our world and fundamentally altering the global economy and private-sector firms operating within it.

This highly interactive presentation and discussion will identify major global technology trends that impact our world, economies and private-sector. These technologies will be examined in detail—where they've been—where they are today—and, most important,

where they are going in the next few years. These technologies will be dissected against the backdrop of real world economic

development scenarios. This session will also prompt thought and discussion about how technology fundamentally challenges and changes widely accepted economic development goals, objectives and metrics.


Zaheen Nanji

In this new economy and digital world, change is inevitable. With change comes challenges, obstacles, stress and overwhelm. Moreover, organizations are having to deal with delivering more with less and professionals are feeling pressured. Instead of feeling stuck, unable to cope and having our backs against the wall, it’s time to release those old patterns, reprogram new skill sets and embrace change.


Mark Lautman

The inverted labor supply curve Mark speculated about in "When the Boomers Bail" is only one of a dozen forces disrupting our efforts to develop our communities.

Over the next decade or two, the rate at which the human species acquires knowledge and productive capacity will continue to accelerate. This acceleration has the potential to transform every aspect of human existence in our lifetimes.

Many of these changes are going to occur in our lifetime and many during your current planning time frame. Any way you look at it, this is going to be the most exciting time in human history to be alive.

The degree to which these changes turn out to be better or worse for us depends in large part on whether we can accelerate the pace at which we think, plan and execute. We must become more nimble every year. How do we achieve Nimbility?




















































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