Provincial Wildfire Business Impact Survey


For Immediate Release
Provincial Wildfire Business Impact Survey

Penticton, BC, August 23, 2023 – The British Columbia Economic Development Association (BCEDA) will be measuring some of the initial economic impacts of the 2023 BC wildfires. BCEDA has developed a Provincial Wildfire Business Impact Survey which will be distributed throughout BC’s business communities.

The scope of the economic impact of the 2023 BC Wildfires stretches beyond the immediate affected areas, reaching the surrounding communities and businesses. This survey is applicable to any wildfire-impacted businesses in BC’s Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. Impacts can include road closures, evacuation alerts/orders, smoke, cancellation of major events, delivery interruptions, public perception of closure and more. Survey results will be shared in an aggregate format with Provincial, Indigenous, Local and Regional Governments to help distinguish businesses and communities’ short and long-term needs.

An additional survey, to be distributed to Indigenous and Local Governments will also be developed to measure additional impacts.

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BCEDA’s experience in economic disaster response is extensive, dating back to development of Economic Disaster Resiliency and Recovery Program in 2012, following the Burns Lake Mill explosion. Our endeavors extended to Alberta after the 2013 flooding and have even contributed to disaster recovery efforts in the US, including assisting in the development of the US Economic Recovery Framework used by FEMA. https://www.bceda.ca/wildfires.php
Dale Wheeldon, President and CEO, BCEDA
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