BCEDA and Manifold Data Mining Announce Partnership

NEW Uncover new perspectives, enhance site development, and access highly specific investment and economic development data through Manifold Data Mining. As the leading data provider across countless industries and having worked with 300+ economic developers across Canada, we're proud to offer BCEDA members exclusive access to our comprehensive Data Licenses, Polaris Intelligence software platform, Dashboards, and Custom Projects at special discounted rates.

With our Manifold Data Licenses, we provide high-quality, extensive, dependable data updated to the current year and descriptive down to the postal code level that cannot be found anywhere else.

  • SuperDemographics: Understand the demographic characteristics of your market with thousands of detailed variables not found on the StatsCan census.
  • Estimates & Projections: Present to investors the multi-year population and income projections of your city.
  • CanaCode Lifestyle Clusters: Develop insights into the various lifestyle segments that reside in your areas of interest.
  • Neighbourhood Scores: Produce the quantitative scores of the livability of different neighbourhoods.

Between 2022 and 2023, Canada’s population growth accelerated to 3.2%, one of the fastest rates in the world. Implications for economic development include commercial and residential site development, investment attraction and more. Public data sources and their lags cannot capture these critical changes, highlighting the importance of current-year data down to the postal code.

Presented in a user-friendly format, our software platform Polaris Intelligence makes use of our Manifold Data and stands out with its unique modules that simplify data access, visualization, and distribution. Utilize Polaris for a range of applications, including:

  • Profiling your town and specific neighbourhoods
  • Conducting market research and strategic planning
  • Bolstering grant applications with high-quality Manifold Data
  • Attracting and retaining investment and talent
  • Creating charts and heatmaps on the population and multi-year growths.

Discover how Manifold Data Licenses and Polaris Intelligence can transform your approach to economic development.

Exclusive BCEDA Member Offer:

  • Enjoy a 20% discount on three-year data licenses/software subscriptions.
  • Save 15% on two-year data licenses/software subscriptions.
  • Get 10% off one-year data licenses/software subscriptions.

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